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NSS NIT Kurukshetra consists of highly motivated and dedicated members towards serving the society thus contributing in a better tomorrow.

We aim at providing all the basic social services so that the nation can have citizens which are indeed an asset. We believe that the true sense of nationalism can only be imbibed in youth by those who are keenly interested in giving back to society what they have gathered so far. Our members are dedicated towards nurturing of their underprivileged fellowmates We work on a diverse range of social issues including blood donation camps, education drives environment, cleanathones etc.

Perfect Planning

Professional Workers

First Working Process

Perfect Planning

Professional Workers

First Working Process

We also collaborate with several NGOs in and around and NIT Kurukshetra working on these issues.

Not For Me But For All

National Bicycle Day

“Let Us Forget Motor Vehicles This Day, And Cycle On World Bicycle Day.”

Celebrated on 3rd of June every year, World Bicycle Day draws attention to the benefits of using the bicycle – a simple, affordable, reliable, clean and environmentally fit sustainable means of transportation. In April 2018, the United Nations General Assembly declared June 3 as “World Bicycle Day”. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), physical exercises like walking and cycling pave the way for achievement of greater health equity and at all ages, yield the benefits of being physically active to outweigh potential harm.

Health CheckUp Camp

“The Health of Nations is more important than the Wealth of Nations.” - Will Durant

A Health Check-up Camp is a setup with a sacred aim to bring awareness amongst the deprived population of the country who have no access to basic healthcare services or knowledge about various diseases. These camps are conducted (ON DATE) by health professionals to carry out a limited health intervention amongst the underprivileged community. Getting the appropriate kind of health checkup is vital for every human being. The main objective of a health checkup camp is to provide initial care to people in life-threatening conditions which reflect the unique strengths and goals of medical ethics.

Blood Donation Camp

“The only thing more valuable than wealth is life, and blood is the most valuable medicine for saving lives.”

Blood Donation Camp is conducted (ON DATE) to serve for the purpose of selecting a suitable donor (of a particular blood group) whose blood is safe to the recipients and who himself shall not in any wat be harmed by blood donation. Organizing voluntary blood donation camps nationwide on regular basis will increase int the stock of blood units in blood bank which is needed for optimum functioning of the health care system. These camps help to maintain an adequate supply of blood to save the lives of those who are in great need of it.

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Prof.Vijay Kumar

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General Secretary

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